The team at “Esthethique Access Medica” were fantastic and I highly recommend Diane Tanguay. This was my first experience with fillers and she made me feel very comfortable . After the procedure she followed up several times to ensure I was happy with the results. Overall I received excellent service and couldn’t be happier.
Kristyn Laszlo
My experience at Esthethique Access Medica was amazing. It was the first time I was trying lip fillers and I must say that Diane Tanguay was incredibly skilled and professional. She went through every single question I had and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire procedure. The day after follow up she provided was also much appreciated. I am incredibly happy with my results and would certainly recommend their services.
Ashley Larbalestier
I went to have a laser treatment for my brown spots and what a great experience I've had with Access Medica! They have a beautiful waiting room, friendly staff and an overall professional demeanor. The aesthetics technician was very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable throughout the whole treatment; she continuously kept me informed and explained the types of sensations I would be feeling. Furthermore, they are very diligent with booking follow-up appointments and giving me detailed post-treatment instructions. Truly exceeded my expectations! Will definitely be recommending them to my family and friends!
Chantal Yeung
Had a great experience at Access Medica. Having aesthetic procedures done. Very clean and comfortable environment. A friendly and professional staff. Using top of the line products and latest technologies. I highly recommend you get services done there.
Laurie Collard
I recently visited Access Medica Clinic, and I would like to share my experience. I will be turning 48 next month and prior to my visit I had never considered injecting anything into my face. As a matter of fact, the thought scared the hell out of me. Working in a salon, a place revolved around beauty, I met women who had regularly visited this clinic and spoke very highly of their services. So I scheduled a consultation and was very impressed with the positive atmosphere. The staff were very friendly and informative. This made me feel very comfortable with my decision to go ahead with my botox treatment. I was very satisfied with the results. Within a few days, the lines on my forehead had completely disappeared. I still get comments to this day on how refreshed I look and how I no longer look tired. I will definitely return to continue my botox. I'm also considering trying their laser treatments. If you're a woman in her forties like me, then you surely have some concerns on how to maintain a youthful look. Do not hesitate to schedule a consultation, you won't be disappointed.
Patricia Giannis